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Walters Invest Group

My name is James Walters and I created Walters Invest Group for 3 reasons:

  1. I love using creative real estate investing strategies to create opportunities.

  2. I truly want to help people in tough situations. I have been that person and know what it feels like. I want to be a win-win solution and insure that all parties involved are winners.

  3. I love my day job as a marketer but it has a cap on income potential. Real estate offers very scalable business opportunities.

Our Team


Eric Wargo

Manager and Realtor
Habla Español

Har Profile


Ron Berwick


HAR Profile


James Walters, Sr



James Walters, Jr

Marketing and Operations

All Deals Must Be Win-Win

Family Business

During normal work hours I spent my time working in my primary business - Click and Create, a marketing company as well as managing a start up business Mission Recycle, a Houston Recycling Company. I love both of these businesses but I have always been fascinated with real estate as a tool to build wealth for my family as well as provide another platform to make an impact on my local community.

I recruited my retired father, Jim Walters Sr. and now working on recruiting other family members.

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