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Seller Finance

your Home Today!

Why Seller Finance Your Home?


Seller financing is a great way to earn maximum payout on your house. When you seller finance your home you are becoming the bank and carrying a note earning interest.

Compared to Renting:

  • No landlord headaches

  • No property taxes

  • 15-30 years of monthly cashflow 

Compared to Selling (on HAR):

  • Sell fast

  • Earn interest

  • Less closing cost (no 6% agent fees)

  • 15-30 years of monthly cashflow 

Seller Financing Benefits


We can provide you a higher offer when you seller finance us your home. Also you pay no closing cost as well as earn interest.


When compared to renting your home you have no maintenance requirments, no property taxes and still beneify from long term cash flow.

Who Typically Seller Finances Their Home?

All types of people in the Greater Houston area. There are many reasons why you would want to seller finance your house, for example:

  • Tired of being a landlord but still want cashflow.

  • Don't have the funds for repairs.

  • Don't want to deal with realtor showings.

  • Want to maximize your earnings.

Call us at (713) 425-8071 and begin the process today!

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